SavePlus SQL Deposit System

The SavePlus SQL are designed to handle operations and to provide comprehensive solutions for the savings and demand deposit transactions.
Cellphone Banking
With this facility, operations like balance/transaction inquiry, fund transfer, bill payment and a lot more are now possible without actually visiting your bank. You can do it anywhere and in your most convenient time. Whether you’re relaxing at the comfort of your home, an out-of-town assignment, or on a Caribbean tour, your bank account is just a text away. Although the operation is a child’s play, it is tamper proof because of its required user supplied PIN and cellphone number registration.
ATM Connectivity
With our highly optimized gateway, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) can easily be connected. It’s as simple as plug & play.
Interbranch Transaction
With the system’s capability of displaying the depositor’s signature card together with the photo for easy verification, transactions may be performed in any of the bank’s online branch. Furthermore, with the system’s advanced fingerprint (biometrics) analysis capability that eliminates the human (teller) component in the verification process, authentication is assured.
BSP and AMLAC Reports
Our continued research & development ensures that an up-to-date BSP & AMLAC reports are provided to our bank partners. It is our commitment to provide cutting edge technology to ensure that our partners remain competitive.
Integrated with Loan and GL
With our Loan Payment Priority Scheme, that determines the settlement order of charges, payment may be made through the auto debiting facility of the Deposit System. This feature is so robust that Payment maybe initiated from a branch that involves debiting an account from another branch to pay a loan also of another branch and all of which are performed is a very simple operation the complexity of which is transparent to the user.

No matter how complicated and voluminous the transactions may be all Tickets are created automatically and are posted directly to the GL.
3-days migration from any System
Enough with the painstaking manual data conversion from one system to another. With our advance data conversion program, data from another system need not be manually encoded to our system. Data are extracted and uploaded to our system automatically and together with our personnel, who are experts on banking procedures and a user-friendly application, system conversion is assured completed within three days. We start the installation at end of Friday banking and have it up and running and ready to accept transactions on the first banking hour of Monday.
WAN/LAN/Stand-Alone setup
The system may be set to operate on a Wide Area Network (WAN), on a Local Area Network, or on a Stand-alone.

Having in mind the substantial cost of leased communication lines, our system was designed to operate online with the lowest bandwidth possible. As such, it will run efficiently on a WAN setup using even a dial-up telephone connection and with the advent of the Internet, you can actually have your branch/office anywhere in the world.

To support the two opposing views on whether to go centralized or distributed, our system may be implemented either way. With the later, the power of the system lies on its ability to communicate server-to-server thereby providing the benefits of a centralized setup on a distributed implementation. Because of our standard data handling for all setups, shifting from one setup to the other will not pose any difficulty. As such, the bank or its branch can easily upgrade or downgrade depending on the present operational demand dictated by the market.
Telephone Number
(632) 812-3319
(632) 894-4763
Globe line: 751-1049
(632) 894-4371
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